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UK Man Calls Police on Cat Who Stole His Bacon, Seriously


A UK man called 999, the Brit’s version of 911, to press charges against his girlfriend and her cat for stealing his bacon.

The call operator is understandably confused throughout the call, asking him to repeat his claims multiple times. He is adamant: it’s obviously criminal to allow a pet to steal a man’s sacred bacon.

The operator asks what he wants the police to do. He replies that he wants to press charges. She asks “Against who? Your girlfriend or the cat?” He flatly states that he wants both of them charged and arrested for the criminal theft of his delicious strips of cured pork belly.

Unbelievably, there is no law in the UK to protect a man’s bacon. Now, this man has to live in fear that he and his hard-earned bacon will never be safe from the grubby paws of that adorable ball of fur.

You have to listen to this for yourself.




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