UK Judge: Government Should Blunt Kitchen Knives to Stop Knife Crime!

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 29, 2018

Back in the distant, misty days of ancient 1990s America, when Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy series was at the height of popularity, folks seemed to catch a strange affliction, sometimes called by medical experts, “Seinfeld Syndrome,” wherein they would suddenly break out in his tone of voice, and imitate his most famous line, “What’s the deal?”

That phrase is coming back. Applied by folks who are utterly mystified by the seeming lunacy of members of the elite British political class, and who are asking:

“What’s the DEAL with England?”

In two hours time last week, the UK government arrested, tried and jailed a citizen journalist reporting on the sentencing a child trafficking gang, and the government threatened with legal action those of us who might think ourselves free enough to mention the journalist’s name, [REDACTED]. And, two days later, it was revealed by The Telegraph that retiring Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge offered a valedictory address in which he advocated for a nationwide government program to, get this, dull the points of kitchen knives.

But why do we need eight-inch or ten-inch kitchen knives with points? Butchers and fishmongers do, but how often, if at all, does a domestic chef use the point of an eight-inch or ten-inch knife? Rarely, if at all.

Isn’t it delightful when an agent of the state tells other people not only what their reasons for owning something might be, but that if they disagree with him, he wants to employ the state to force them to damage their property to fit his high and mighty whim? It’s surprising Judge Nic didn’t don a crown and kick back in a throne while delivering his address to those unenlightened Trogs.

But, see, the “right honourable,” and self-righteous Judge Nic is trying to fight the skyrocketing rate of knife crime in the UK. This would be knife crime that is rising… despite a ban on anyone under eighteen from buying a knife, bans on certain kinds of knives, and prohibitions punishing anyone caught carrying a knife longer than three inches (unless that person is seen as having a “good reason” by his High-And-Mightiness, Judge Nic.)

This would be knife crime that London Mayor Sadiq Kahn tried to reduce by flippantly Tweeting:

No Excuses: There is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and will feel the full force of the law.

Of course, the UK statute stipulates that someone can have a “good reason” if the gods of government say so, but, apparently, Mayor Kahn can divine all future possibilities and has already made up his mind. No one can ever, ever, ever have a reason to carry a knife. Unless he works for the government.

But, again, it should not be Sadiq’s, or anyone else’s mind that controls whether you can carry a weapon. If you cannot exercise your right to carry a weapon for self-defense, you cannot claim your right to your own dang life. It is as simple as that. Sadiq, Nic, and their elitist pals, are claiming unto themselves the power to determine whether you have a right to your own life.

The saddest part of it is, even as these crown royal elitists make sillier and sillier moves to disarm the law-abiding public, people with criminal intent don’t pay any attention – and the violent crime rate continues to rise.

The UK passed a sweeping gun confiscation and ban measure in 1997, and the result? Rising violent crime, including gun-related crime. As Awr Hawkins wrote for Breitbart:

In 2009, twelve years after the Firearms Act of 1997 was passed, Daily Mail Online reported that Britain was ‘the most violent country in Europe.’ They also reported that Britain’s home figures showed ‘the UK [had] a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and South Africa.’ 

And The Daily Mail reported in 2003:

The Government's latest crime figures were condemned as "truly terrible" by the Tories today as it emerged that gun crime in England and Wales soared by 35% last year.

The “bans” keep failing in the UK. Violent crime keeps rising. Meanwhile, in the US, when gun purchases skyrocketed, violent crime – including gun crime – decreased.

Yet the blowhards in England such as Sadiq Kahn and Judge Nic continue to want to impose their preferences on others, and threaten them with violence at the hands of the state if they don’t comply.

“What’s the deal?”

It is said that a dullard is “not the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

And it just so happens that dull knives often cause needless injury compared to sharp ones...

It seems reasonable to assume that in the UK, many of their political class are very dull knives, indeed.