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UK's 'Brexit' Party Could Ban a Politician For 'Islamaphobic' Statements


The U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) might ban candidate Ann Marie Waters because of anti-Islam statements. Waters is one of several candidates hoping to be on the ballot for UKIP's leadership. 

The party, known for it's pro-Brexit stance, did not make any direct statements on Waters, but did say that she was being vetted by the organization. One UKIP source told Buzzfeed what this vetting process means "there's a statement of principles of the party and one might ask whether all the candidates who have put themselves forward to meet these."
Anne Marie Waters (Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons)


Waters made waves when she called Islam "evil" and said that "Islamic culture does not fit with ours." 

Waters also published "An Open Letter to European Feminists" on her personal website, which lambasted Islamic culture as dangerous for women.

"Women have seen, and are seeing, themselves reduced to property in countries all over the world as Islam tightens its grip," she wrote. 

Former leader of UKIP Nigel Farage has said that Waters's explicit anti-Islamic stance would "finish" the party, which is dedicated to separating the United Kingdom from the European Union. 

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