Uh-Oh! CBS Asks Voters If Hunter Biden Issue Is Resonating - ‘Absolutely’

Eric Scheiner | October 21, 2020
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The leftist media has been avoiding asking Joe Biden tough questions, but in a very brief segment on CBS, they asked Pennsylvania voters if they were concerned about the “behavior” of Hunter Biden.

“The President has been making an issue of the behavior of Joe Biden's son, Hunter. Is that resonating with anyone?" CBS’s Anthony Mason asked on Wednesday.

“Absolutely,” a voter replied. “I'm concerned if Biden got into office that, you know, if something happened with his son or things start coming out, then he's going to defend his son. He's not going to be defending the country.”

“Hunter Biden has always been an issue for me quite honestly. His behavior is very questionable. Having said that, I'm as concerned about Hunter Biden as I am about the Trump children,” another voter responded.

“Let’s deal with facts also,” another voter said. “If there’s an investigation going in, or there is more material that has to come out, okay –then let’s deal with it when it does.”

Interesting responses considering CBS has given very little coverage to the New York Post’s series of stories regarding emails released from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Mason didn’t even mention the laptop in his question, but strangely everybody seemed to know exactly what he was talking about.

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