Ugh! Rhode Island High School Gets Rid of Homecoming King & Queen to Virtue Signal Their Inclusivity

Nick Kangadis | October 11, 2019
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High school and college educators used to tell young adults that those levels of education are supposed to get you ready for the real world. I don’t know if schools still tell kids that, but if they do they’re lying. Heck, they were lying back in the day, too!

Barrington High School in Rhode Island is joining a growing trend of schools telling science to go take a flying leap by getting rid of voting for homecoming kings and queens — all in the holy name of being more “inclusive.”

According to WJAR:

Barrington High School Principal Joseph Hurley says they've discussed the change over the past few years, and now, instead of king and queen, Barrington will name two students this year's "Golden Eagles.”[…]

It's part of an ongoing effort to make the school more inclusive. It already has some gender-neutral bathrooms, and it's changed graduation gowns from different colors for male and female students to all blue for all. It's an effort, year after year, led by the students themselves.

So, let me get this straight. There’s only two genders, and the old custom was to have a king and queen — so one winner from each gender. But now they’re getting rid of that to be more inclusive? What if two students of the same gender get voted as “Golden Eagles?” Doesn’t that exclude one of the two genders that exist?

Oh, right! They’re shunning actual biology to convey that they’re of the belief that there are 1,902,447 genders. Got it. And here I thought they were the dumb ones. My mistake.

Not only that, but this movement was “led by the students themselves.” Wouldn’t that make the students in charge of the decisions the schools and the “educators” obsolete? Then again, this is the "progressive" Northeast of the country.

“This decision was actually made by the student council in which the membership is almost 100 students,” Principal Joseph Hurley said.

How big is that high school that the student council has almost 100 students in it? Or do they just allow anyone that’s interested to make decision in favor of classes voting in a representative? I forgot again. They’re “inclusive,” so everyone in the school probably gets a trophy just for being alive.

And I’m pretty sure I saw that correctly when the school said that the new “Golden Eagles” will be “named” instead of voted on. Why have a democracy, which ironically would include everyone in the decision making process, when you can just name people for the virtue-signaling sake of being considered inclusive?

I am so glad I’m not in high school these days. We, of course, had our fair share of the public school system give their best effort to try and indoctrinate us into PC-culture. But, some of us got out with our brains still in its original form.