Ugh! Minnesota 'Teacher of the Year' Knelt During Anthem Before College Football Championship Because Trump Was There

Nick Kangadis | January 16, 2020
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From the time we’re little, we’re constantly told how indoctrinators — excuse me, educators — shape the minds of America’s youth. To me, that’s a very problematic saying. Educators shouldn’t be shaping the minds of youth. They should be educating children in the subjects that will make them well-rounded adults. It’s no wonder why there are so many low-information voters these days.

Minnesota Teacher of the Year Kelly Holstine decided to bring attention to herself by kneeling during the national anthem at Monday night’s College Football Championship. Holstine was there as State Teachers of the Year from around the country were honored before the game.

Predictably, Holstine took to Twitter following the game to post a picture of herself, along with a picture of President Donald Trump standing with First Lady Melania Trump on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s big screen. The tweet was accompanied by the typical virtue signaling that has become a custom of those who like to promote their “selfless” activism.

Here’s the tweet:

So, Holstine is with still unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick, promoted Black Lives Matter and gave a hashtag shoutout to the Alphabet Mafia, also known as LGBTQ activists.

But that isn’t even the hypocritical part of Holstine’s kneeling episode.

According to The Hill:

The educator said she found out that Trump would be on the field with the teachers ahead of her decision to kneel. She said the honorees were told they could place their hand on their heart, as is traditionally done, or not during the national anthem. 

The guidance made Holstine start to consider if standing without placing her hand on her heart “was enough” to support the people she wanted to support. After consulting with other educators and her wife, Holstine said she decided to kneel. 

So, let me get this straight. If Holstine never knelt, she wouldn’t have attracted the attention she wanted for herself, positive or negative, and to the issues she supposedly cares about. But, if Trump hadn’t been at the game, she probably would’ve just stood there without her hand on her heart.

By that logic, she used the president to push her agenda and make everyone see how wonderful she is for disrespecting the man, his wife and the country.

Also, if she cared so deeply about these “issues,” then shouldn’t she have knelt whether the president was there or not? I guess, unless Trump is available to disrespect, those issues weren’t that important to her if she wouldn’t have knelt if Trump wasn't there.

“Not everybody is given the opportunity to have a voice, and I can take a small moment, a respectful moment of protest, and exercise my First Amendment rights, and stand up for my students and for vulnerable adults and for people who are not treated in the way that they should be,” Holstine said. “It feels like my responsibility to do that.”

But it’s not Holstine’s responsibility to be an activist. Her responsibility is to teach her students — and not to be said activists either.

H/T: The Blaze