UFC Fighter Wants to Fight Obama

Stephen Gutowski | January 4, 2011
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Well this is sure to cause a stir:

I actually endorse mixed martial arts as a form of political discourse. How much more exciting would politics be if, instead of throwing incendiary rhetoric at each other, politicians threw roundhouse kicks instead? There's the way to really get young voters involved!

In all seriousness, though, this guy, his name is Jacob Volkmann, is in for all kinds of hate now. Everybody knows he isn't seriously threatening the president and is merely expressing his disdain for policies that will negatively impact his, and everyone's, life. That's politics for you.

UPDATE: Turns out Jacob Volkmann hasn't won any UFC titles thus far. He is 12-2 in his career and 3-2 in the UFC. Thanks to RatedRepublican on Twitter for pointing this out.

UPDATE: Looks like I was right about Volkmann getting in a world of hurt over these comments. Apparently the Secret Service just paid him a visit...

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