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UC's Imposing a Cap On All Out-Of-State Students - Except Illegals


The University of California – because, of course – has declared it will now be setting a cap on the number of out-of-state students it accepts this year.

For everyone except illegal aliens, that is.

The College Fix reports the school caved into the demands of the state legislature, who threatened to pull the school’s $20 million in funding if they didn’t set a limit on the number of non-California students accepted each year. The school will now be limiting its out-of-state student enrollment to 18 percent of its total student body. Currently, about 16.5 percent of UC students are from out of state.

But that cap doesn’t apply to illegal alien students who apply from out of state. From the College Fix:

“The nonresident undergraduate enrollment percentages in the recently approved policy do not pertain to undocumented students,” UC spokeswoman Claire Doan told The College Fix via email.

When pressed for clarification, Doan affirmed: “The caps do not apply to undocumented students.”

The spokesperson reportedly told the College Fix that there are an estimated 3,700 “undocumented” students at the university. Illegal alien students who live in California are also granted in-state tuition rates. The school doesn't know for sure, of course, because officials don't actually inquire about students' immigrant statuses when they apply. (Which makes it somewhat unclear as to how the school will waive the out-of-state cap for undocumented students if they don't actually know they're undocumented. But, whatever - logic clearly has no place, here.)

So while an American student living in, say, Nevada who wishes to attend the University of California may find himself on the short end of the acceptance stick, it looks like illegal alien kids from Guatemala won’t be under any such restrictions.

For people living in this country illegally, it looks like California truly is the Golden State.

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