UConn Huskies Football To Host First Ever "Pride Night"

John Simmons | October 21, 2021
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At this point in the season, it’s hard to imagine that anything could get worse for the UConn Huskies football team. They are 0-7 and are on average losing their games by over three touchdowns. They are the most irrelevant team in college football and are in some desperate need of attention but can’t get any because they are playing so pathetically. But on Friday night’s matchup with Middle Tennessee State, they are bound to get plenty of attention – and it has nothing to do with football.

Fans who watch or attend the Huskies tilt with the Blue Raiders will be drowned in a sea of rainbows and gay pride as UConn hosts its first-ever Pride Night. Following a disturbing trend the Washington Football Team started in September, the Huskies will put on a full-blown display of gay pride for all attending to indulge in.

The Hartford Gay Men’s choir singing the national anthem, the first 500 fans to the game will receive a rainbow headband, and the Huskies will wear stickers on their helmets that depict their mascot against the Pride colors.

UConn athletic director David Benedict said:

We are happy to host the first Pride Game in our history…UConn athletics aspires to promote an inclusive environment for all of UConn Nation and we plan on hosting additional Pride games in the future.

Outsports.com is calling it “a wonderful thing.” In reality, it is anything but that.

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The LGTBQ agenda is based on intimidating other people into accepting them for who they are and getting what they want, and unfortunately, they’re good at it. Business owners have been sued and or lost their livelihoods over not baking cakes for LGTBQ members, and their presence and influence over society only grows more and more. They have threatened to come after the next generation of children through the school system, and now they are continuing to flex their muscles over sports.

I understand the predicament UConn is in: your team is terrible and you need to find a way to keep fans in the stands. But why did they have to go this route? Couldn’t they provide some other incentive for loyal Huskie fans instead of putting on a full-blown display of celebrating an agenda that uses fear, threats, and coercion as its tools to spread its message?

Seems like UConn should be doing anything but that and just try to figure out a way to get some wins.


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