UC Davis Chancellor Tells Students To Protest TPUSA Event

John Simmons | March 15, 2023
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Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) spoke at an event hosted by his organization on the UC Davis campus last night, but it wasn’t smooth sailing getting there.

UC Davis chancellor Gary S. May did all he could to make sure Kirk knew he wasn't welcome UC Davis's free speech-hating campus. May's ostensible reason is that he said he believed Kirk has advocated for violence against the transgender community.

Of course, Kirk has never did any such thing. Rather, he has simply stated facts about human identity and how people can’t change their genders on a whim. To an ardent progressive like May, that kind of wrong-think is hateful.

As a result, May posted a nearly four-minute video in which he urged students to do all they could to “neutralize and negate [TPUSA’s] influence.”

Of course, that pesky First Amendment limits what May could do about. “While I abhor the inflammatory speech of this speaker, UC policy permits the student organization to invite the speaker,” May said. But he had a really clever idea: nobody should go to the speech. Forcing Kirk “to speak to an empty room would make a powerful statement.” Progressive thought hasn't advanced much beyond 1960s sloganeering: What if they threw a war and nobody came?

While I’m sure no liberal students attended the event, plenty of ANTIFA rioters took May’s words to heart and did all they could to disrupt Kirk’s event.

The part-time fascists were up to their normal antics of smashing glass, defacing public property, and angrily shouting empty LGBT slogans in an effort to intimidate the police who kept them at bay. 

Nothing like a loving welcome from the “love wins” crowd.

The thugs couldn't entirely shut down the event. But once again, we see the true colors of those who support the political LGBT agenda.

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