UC-Berkeley Newspaper Creates a Website For Students To Talk About Crying

Nick Kangadis | November 30, 2017
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Ever feel like having a good cry? Have you been triggered to shed a few tears over the social injustices plaguing your miserable existence? The University of California-Berkeley has the saline solution for you!

The uber-leftist college’s student newspaper, The Daily Californian, has created a website with an interactive map for people to share their Niagara Falls experiences with others.

According to the website:

For our special issue on mental health, The Daily Californian created an interactive map for readers to share their experiences of crying at UC Berkeley. So far, we have received more than 360 submissions.

If you’re comfortable, tell us about a time you cried and where it happened, be it a hidden corner in Dwinelle Hall or the middle of Memorial Glade. Also include why you were crying, whether you were happy or sad.

While there’s nothing wrong with crying, and mental health issues are no laughing matter, the “highlighted submissions” showed justifiable reasons for crying. However, I can’t wait to read about the time some Male Feminism Studies major talks about the time he was triggered by a female Second Amendment advocate or Ben Shapiro rattling off 84 factual statistics in 37 seconds.

Looking through the reasons people posted that they cried revealed some borderline hilarious reasons for their breakdowns.

“I rolled too hard [drug use] at Odesza and was mentally unable to study for my midterm that week,” one post read.

“Editing is hard,” another user wrote.

“Existential crisis about where I fit into the world and this intense political culture we are currently in,” another post read. “Right before I took a midterms of course.”

Oh, boy. I really hope UC-Berkeley has invested in tissues, because life is way more difficult than these reasons for crying.

I cried from laughter after reading some of these reasons.

H/T: The Blaze