Uber Driver Accidentally Walks Onto NCAA Hoops Court During Delivery

John Simmons | January 26, 2023
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On Wednesday night, the Duquesne Dukes beat the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers 72-58 in a men’s DI basketball matchup. But the final score is not what people are going to remember about this game. 

This will forever be dubbed the “Uber Delivery Guy Accidentally Walks Onto The Court While Dropping Off An Order” game. Well, probably not, but that did actually happen.

Just minutes after halftime with the Ramblers leading (which evidently didn’t last very long), an Uber driver walked onto the court carrying a McDonald’s order and looking for the customer that placed the order. Play was stopped to make sure that the driver was removed from the floor and shown the right direction.

The commentators were lovin’ it as soon as they figured out what was going on -- pun intended.

Social media users immediately burst into laughter as soon as the video surfaced.

Frankly, props to this guy. He could have easily been intimidated by the fact he had to walk into the arena to drop off the order, but instead he got over that and walked right in. Sure, he got a little lost along the way, but he deserves credit for going the extra mile in an age where people oftentimes don’t do the bare minimum.

I hope he got an incredible tip from the customer, or some sort of bonus from Uber. He earned it.

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