'U Can't Catch Me Cancel Culture': Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Defends Speedy Gonzales from Cancel Cult

Nick Kangadis | March 9, 2021
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Our American society has and is continuing to become a very strange place, hardly resembling the place that we all used to love where people had the ability to tell and take a joke. However, because we live in the society we do now, we're relegated to writing about whether a cartoon skunk and cartoon mouse should be cancelled because the generations that have graced us since those entities were first created - I'm part of one of the aforementioned generations, by the way - don't understand pretend from reality anymore. 

This all stems from the cancel culture mafia taking their cues from an op-ed in the far-left New York Times, written by "woke" race hustler and questionable black supremacist Charles Blow. Blow wrote about how cartoon skunk Pepe Le Pew and cartoon mouse Speedy Gonzales, among others, were offensive for their own respective reasons. Le Pew was basically classified as a rapist, and the character of Gonzales was called out for his "friends" being racist stereotypes of Mexican people.

Well one Mexican, comedian Gabriel Iglesias is coming to the rescue of Speedy Gonzales, the character he's voicing in the remake of the film being needlessly rebooted by activist basketball player LeBron James, "Space Jam: A New Legacy."

It's unclear whether Iglesias is only saying these things because he has a stake in the character of Gonzales remaining in the film, especially because the Le Pew character was publicly announced to have been removed from the movie, or because he genuinely thinks it's ridiculous that old cartoon characters are being cancelled.

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Either way, at least Iglesias spoke out in the face of a very vocal Twitter mob who doesn't like it when people stray from pre-approved talking points.

Folks, if you want me to be as honest as I possibly can with you, the only way to stop all of this ridiculous, childish and Marxist behavior is to treat all of these stupid, time-wasting "woke" cultists the same way you deal with a bully - bully them back by simply not accepting their arbitrary rules that they set up without any agreement by any majority of people besides themselves. Period.

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