Tyler Perry, Kid Rock Pay Off Thousands in Layaway for Atlanta & Nashville Wal-Mart Customers

Nick Kangadis | December 10, 2018
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This Christmas spirit is out in full force this season, as evidenced by two overwhelming acts of kindness seen over the last week.

Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry and musician Kid Rock both paid off layaway payments for people at separate Wal-Mart stores in honor of the Christmas season.

Perry, who tried to make the kind gesture anonymously, paid $434,000 worth of layaway payments for 1,500 people at two Atlanta-area Wal-Mart locations.

“Merry Christmas to everybody,” Perry said in an Instagram video. “You’ve gotta go into the Wal-Mart, get your layaway, pay a penny — one penny — and you get your layaway.”

As long as a person that had layaway payments at either of the two Atlanta-area Wal-Mart stores had said layaway as of 9:30 a.m. on December 6th, they had their layaway paid off by Perry.

Here’s video of Perry’s reluctant announcement:


Kid Rock heard about Perry’s act of kindness with kindness of his own, as announced on Kid Rock’s Twitter page:

Rock paid off $81,000 in layaway bills for 350 people at a Nashville Wal-Mart.

“Kudos to Kid Rock for making such a gesture in our community," the store's manager, Tom Meyer told The Tennessean, according to the USA Today. "I think that's a pretty Nashville proud moment.”

This is what the Christmas spirit is all about. I’ve found, the older I get, that it feels so much better to give gifts than to receive them.

H/T: Fox 32 - Chicago

Merry Christmas to all during this holiday season!