TX Supreme Court Sides With Gov Abbott’s Ban On School-Imposed Masks, Lifts Injunction

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 31, 2021

In a move that has sent many leftists into paroxysms of outraged contempt, the Texas Supreme Court Thursday called for the temporary removal of a lower court’s injunction, an injunction that would have blocked Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order prohibiting local school districts from imposing mask mandates on kids in government schools. The lift of the injunction will remain until the court actually can hear the case of the Executive Order.

The Blaze’s Chris Pandolfo reports:

The Texas Supreme Court on Thursday sided with Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Attorney General Ken Paxton, temporarily blocking San Antonio and Bexar County from implementing a mask mandate.

At the request of Abbott and Paxton, the court granted a stay on the injunction issued by a lower court that permitted the mask mandate to move forward despite the governor's executive order banning public entities from implementing such requirements, KSAT-TV reports.

The Texas Fourth Court of Appeals imposed the now-lifted injunction on August 19, and the core issues seem to be: the masks, the questions about their efficacy, the low chance of kids becoming ill with, or spreading, COVID-19, and what biological and psychological effects the mask-wearing has on children.



But there are other levels of concern, such as statutes and the Constitution of Texas.

Writes Pandolfo:

The County's lawyers have argued that the governor's executive orders contradict Texas Health and Safety Code, which gives local health officials the power to enact restrictions including mask requirements for public health reasons.

The governor's administration counters that the governor has the authority to issue a prohibition on mask mandates under the Texas Disaster Act. The administration further argues that localized mask mandates are adding to ‘statewide confusion arising from the multiple, conflicting orders that courts at all levels of the judiciary have issued in the past several weeks.’

San Antonio and Bexar County no doubt will see the case heard in the Texas Supreme court, and the court will rule on who has jurisdiction, but the key factor about jurisdiction and mandates likely will be lost.

That key is the fact that parents and other taxpayers are supposed to have jurisdiction over the fruits of their labor. Otherwise, they are just slaves to the state, always prey to the government.

Meaning that the mandates will continue. They might not be “mask mandates,” but they will be commands from politicians none the less.

And isn’t that something to question?


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