TX Gov. Refuses To Throw First Pitch After MLB Pulls Its All-Star Game From Georgia

Sergie Daez | April 6, 2021
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Major League Baseball threw a curveball at Georgia after their state government ratified new voting laws announcing that voters must bring a photo I.D. in order to vote. However, Greg Abbott pitched a change-up to slow the MLB down. 

According to the Daily Wire, the Texas Governor has refused to throw the first pitch at the Texas Ranger’s first home game this season due to the MLB’s removal of their all-star game from Atlanta in retaliation for Georgia’s new voting laws. Abbott further refused to attend any MLB games or events for the same reason.

Abbott informed Rangers COO Neil Leibman of his decision in a letter.  

“Thank you for the invitation to throw out the first pitch at the Texas Rangers’ home opening game,” he wrote. “I was looking forward to it – until Major League Baseball adopted what has turned out to be a false narrative about the election law reforms in Georgia, and, based on that false narrative, moved the MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta.”

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In Abbott’s view, the MLB has struck out due to their political posturing.

“It is shameful that America’s pastime is not only being influenced by partisan political politics, but also perpetuating false political narratives,” he wrote. “The State of Texas was proud to help MLB host last season’s National League playoff games and the World Series in Arlington. However, I will not participate in an event held by MLB, and the state will not seek to host the All-Star Game or any other MLB special events.”

However, the Texas Governor remains a devoted Rangers fan. “This decision does not diminish the deep respect I have for the Texas Rangers baseball organization, which is outstanding from top to bottom. I wish the team great respect this season,” he said.

The MLB may have thought this was a called game, but it looks like the momentum is shifting away from them. 

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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