Two States Just Made Some Big Arrests For Voter Fraud

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 13, 2017
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Recall candidate Donald Trump expressing worry about vote fraud?

Or how about President-elect Trump saying there was massive voter fraud in the U.S.?

Remember the almost uniformly leftist pop media criticizing him for his concerns, once more showing us that they are as willing to perpetuate a clear canard as those who applauded the Emperor’s New Clothes? Heck, the old-guard media were so bad, they could’ve worked at the Emperor’s tailor.

Now comes word that, in fact, what many of us have known is happening in states all around the U.S. is finally being acknowledged by agents of such states – two of them, in fact.

The first comes in the form of an arrest warrant issued in Texas for a man named Miguel Hernandez, who is wanted on voter fraud in Dallas County, an area that saw the suspension of 700 mail-in ballots. As Guy Benson reports for Town Hall:

Another person of interest related to the scheme appears to be an alleged whistleblower (a liberal "political activist" who may actually have been in on the illegal conduct) who released audio tapes of a since-removed Democratic precinct chair discussing faking his own address and stealing hundreds of mail-in ballots. The fraud conspiracy seems to have targeted senior citizens.

As Benson notes, many news reports about the problem assiduously avoided mentioning the connection to the Democratic Party.

All this is in addition to an Associated Press report regarding a second major voter fraud case, which comes to us from Indiana.

According to Rick Callahan, of the AP, 11 temporary employees, along with the supervisor of a Democrat-connected organization called the Indiana Voter Registration Project, have been arrested for submitting fraudulent voter registration applications prior to the 2016 general election.

And, what a surprise, the connections to the Dem big-wigs are strong:

The Indiana Voter Registration Project’s effort to register primarily black voters was overseen by Patriot Majority USA, which has ties to the Democratic Party, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton.

But is anyone shocked? When people heard Trump express his concern about vote fraud, did any reasonable person not agree that it was not just likely, but highly likely, because we’ve experienced this kind of thing in our own states?

Folks with memories that last longer than a few hours might recall that when a recount of the glorious 2016 election was launched in Michigan, the Shangri La of Detroit was discovered to have included too many votes in 37 percent of its districts. And these were just the revelations that came before the recount was halted by a federal judge (one appointed by Barack Obama, of course).

In my home state of New Hampshire, the dirty little secret about questionable votes has existed for over a decade. Students attending college here can register to vote, but the state does not check to verify whether they vote in their home states, as well.

Coalition of N.H. Taxpayers Chairman Ed Naile, who started his work on this as a registered Democrat, has been documenting the problem for years, using voter check-ins near universities to find correlations to student registrations, checking on their original state residencies, and then checking to see if they also voted where they are legal residents.

Guess what? He got a lot of confirmations that this has occurred.

I mean, a lot.

But, as reported by Tony Schinella, for The Patch, when the N.H. Secretary of State’s Office tried to investigate this, they dropped the work citing a lack of manpower:

Investigations into thousands of affidavit voters who were able to cast ballots in New Hampshire without identification during the 2012 and 2014 cycles have been dropped by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office due to lack of manpower to complete the investigations, according to the state official in charge of investigating voter fraud in the Granite State. Brian Buonamano, an assistant attorney general with the NH AG’s Office and the point person on investigating elections, said on Friday after an initial investigation into tens of thousands of affidavits in 2012, the effort was abandoned.

But remember: anyone who expresses concern over voter fraud is just a partisan shill. He or she is vindictive and mean, likely racist, or sexist, and not in any way connected with reality. We must demonize those people, for the sake of “Our Democracy.”

But this voter fraud problem will not go away, and the extent to which it is exposed and halted depends on how honest state politicians and their appointees are – which is not something on which one would want to rely.

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