Two Jan. 6 Suspects Write Letter Saying They've Been 'Force Fed CRT' & 'Anti-White Messaging' in Jail

Nick Kangadis | November 12, 2021
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Two men who have been incarcerated since being “charged with multiple offenses stemming” from the events of January 6, 2021 have written a lengthy letter with a list of 77 grievances concerning the prison conditions since they’ve been detained, according to NBC News.

The two authors of the letter, Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas was arrested on January 18, and Robert Morss of Pennsylvania was arrested on June 11.

In the letter, the pair wrote that they have been “unjustly an[d] unfairly incarcerated.”

“We are Political Prisoners on American soil who have been unjustly an[d] unfairly incarcerated,”  they wrote.

The duo also conveyed that they have been subject to what amount to “reeducation propaganda,” including being “force fed CRT [Critical Race Theory] propaganda” and “anti-white messaging.”

“We are force fed CRT (critical race theory) propaganda on tablets," as well as "reeducation propaganda" and "anti-white racial messaging,” the letter stated, according to NBC News before the outlet gave their own definition of CRT.

Nichols and Morss made a rhetorical request in the letter that encapsulated how they claim to have been treated by the federal government so far.

“We hereby, make the following request: Let us spend our precious and limited days in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, where the enemies of the United States of America are treated better than us group of January Sixers, who have merely been accused of crimes,” the letter stated.

NBC News noted that lawyers for Nichols and Morss didn’t respond to their request for comment.