Two Gay Guys Are Suing New York After State Insurance Denied Surrogacy Coverage

Brittany M. Hughes | October 3, 2022
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If there's one thing liberals love to fight even more than conservatives, it's biology. But, unlike many conservatives, biology don't care.

In the latest installment of "Leftist Vs. Science," two gay men in New York are suing for “discrimination” after it turns out the city’s health insurance policy doesn’t cover the exorbitant cost of engineering a child in another person's womb.

According to a feature in The Guardian, Corey Briskin and Nicholas Maggipinto, both lawyers, started talking about having kids around the time they got legally married in 2016. But, seeing as they were two guys with nary an ovary between them, the process for having biological kids would involve buying a woman’s egg(s), paying for unknown rounds of IVF treatment, and renting a uterus for at least nine months.

All at a cost of around $200,000, they estimated. So Briskin, who worked at the time for the City of New York as an assistant district attorney (and whose mom is a senior vice-president at Merrill Lynch), reached out to see if his taxpayer-subsidized health insurance plan would help cover the cost.

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Nope. It turns out that even in New York City, where progressive insanity abounds, his benefits didn’t include the cost of two perfectly healthy, fertile men having to jump through all kinds of biological hoops to create a child neither one of them could carry. Instead, infertility or IVF coverage was provided specifically for those with “an inability to have a child through heterosexual sex or intrauterine insemination.”

Which, to these guys, amounts to “discrimination” - and gave them a reason to sue, which they did in April.

"We are expected to be OK with not having children," Briskin said.

“The policy is the product of a time when there was a misconception, a stereotype, a prejudice against couples that were made up of two men – that they were not capable of raising children because there was no female figure in that relationship,” he added.

Except that’s not true – the coverage policy doesn’t suggest that the denial of coverage has anything to do with the capacity of two dudes to raise a kid (though that’s a separate issue, and one worth discussing for the sake of children).

Instead, the infertility and IVF treatments covered by the policy are in place for those who have a medical issue standing in the way of their conceiving a child – not two guys who can’t conceive a baby because of their natural biological makeup, and who, on top of the basic IVF procedure, have to literally pay a woman to conceive and carry a baby, a massively increased and non-medically-indicated expense above and beyond typical fertility treatments.

And one that New York taxpayers shouldn’t have to fork out just so two guys with perfectly healthy sperm can “have” a baby.