Twitter Tantrum! - Lefties Make #BoycottCNN Trend

Eric Scheiner | August 30, 2022
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Most on the right have long avoided CNN for its history of biased and fake news, but now the left is making #BoycottCNN trend on Twitter Tuesday morning.

CNN’s ratings are terrible, and according to the New York Times their financial picture looks rough as well. In a move to change the network’s fortunes, CNN canned Brian Stelter and new management has expressed an interest in moving more towards actual news than leftist opinion (let’s take a wait and see attitude on that).

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The lefties that follow CNN can’t seem to even stand the thought – even the possibility that non-biased information could be broadcast on CNN. They are hilariously and deliciously making #BoycottCNN go viral and now pledging to watch the uber-lefty MSNBC network.

Enjoy some of the CNN related Twitter meltdowns and responses below.




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