Twitter Just SHREDDED Rachel Maddow Over Trump Tax Return 'Story'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 14, 2017

MSNBC's unapologetic liberal “journalist” Rachel Maddow lit the internet on fire Tuesday night when she teased via Twitter that she’d gotten her hands on President Donald Trump’s tax returns – a scoop that would have been pretty juicy, considering Trump never released his tax returns during the presidential campaign as all other modern-era presidents have done.

If only it'd been true.

What Maddow and the fine folks over at MSNBC actually managed to do was get part of a copy of Trump’s 2005 tax return. Which was already 12 years old. And which the White House had already released.

And which the Wall Street Journal had already reported ona year ago.

Needless to say, the Twittersphere wasn’t all too happy as Maddow droned on...and on...and on during her open monologue, bashing Trump (and throwing out all manner of random, unsubstantiated speculations regarding his finances) without actually giving anyone any new information. Here are a few of the best reactions we found from the less-than-enthused:


Maddow never did manage to reveal anything stunning regarding Trump's tax returns, choosing instead to spend the bulk of her show speculating on all the ways Trump may have screwed the American people out of buckets of Benjamins. At best, she came out looking like an even bigger moron than she did before.

Which probably won't help her tanking ratings.

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