Twitter Doc Dump Reveals Stunning Leftist Tilt - Now Additional Lefty 'Journalist' Spin

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 5, 2022
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New Twitter CEO Elon Musks’ work with independent reporter Matt Taibbi to release reams of internal Twitter corporation documents has revealed enough seeming politically oriented activity to fill a detective novel – and it also has prompted numerous leftist so-called “journalists” to expose their complete lack of professional integrity.

The Musk-Taibbi revelations reveal that Twitter’s staff were very attentive to political connections, especially Democrat and Biden Campaign requests to censor specific users and their messages. And the responses to requests to delete specific Tweets seemed to have very little to do with the oft-parroted claim of “stopping the flow of misinformation.”

For example, in one of the earliest of his Friday afternoon document releases, Taibbi Tweeted:

“8. By 2020, requests from connected actors to delete tweets were routine. One executive would write to another: “More to review from the Biden team.” The reply would come back: ‘Handled.’”

Shortly thereafter, Taibbi observed that both major US political parties had access to Twitter’s inside team, and got responses to censorship/”review” requests. But he was forceful in noting that, by far, the Democrats dominated the questionable activity:

“11. This system wasn't balanced. It was based on contacts. Because Twitter was and is overwhelmingly staffed by people of one political orientation, there were more channels, more ways to complain, open to the left (well, Democrats) than the right.…

And he attached a screenshot of campaign contributions on record for Twitter employees, showing that from 2018 to 2022, contributions rose from 96.38 percent, up to 99.73 percent in favor of Democrats.

As the MRC has shown is the case with the dinosaur so-called “news media” – this massive weight of left-leaning employees cannot be discounted, and lends credence to arguments that the “news” and Twitter populations have acted in ways that likely leaned (and, in the case of the dinosaur media, will continue to lean) leftist.

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So, is it all surprising that one of those left-media choral singers should sound off to claim that Taibbi is committing the equivalent of a mortal sin by mentioning the strongly correlated facts?

Indeed, later that evening, NBC News “Senior Reporter” Brandy Zardonsky quoted that particular Taibbi release and actually tried to dismiss the information as inconsequential, claiming:

“To leap to political contributions as the reason the right was more often reported for rule breaking is just bad reasoning and really bad reporting. Good thing this guy doesn't have an editor.”

That latter referring to the fact that Taibbi is independent, carrying his own weight on Substack in addition to freelancing after his stint with Rolling Stone. The former comment appears to be an attempt to recontextualize information that, in its REAL context, is incredibly damning for both the left-leaning Twitter staff members and for the people to whom they responded by taking down perfectly truthful posts.

To disregard the exposure of the Twitter emails and the requests made by Biden campaign people, and to assume as valid the idea that there were more conservative transgressions of Twitter “policy” (which was virtually as changeable as wind in a winter storm) is to avoid the reality of the emails, the political ideologies of the employees, and the content of the removed Tweets, themselves.

Ben Collins, another “Senior Reporter” with vaunted NBC (you know the NBC that not only employed sketchy Matt Lauer, but also employed documented liar Brian Williams as “Nightly News Host”, and kept him on staff at MSNBC AFTER his lies became public knowledge), offered this brilliant take-down of the information Taibbi and Musk released:

“Imagine throwing it all away to do PR work for the richest person in the world. Humiliating shit.”

Which makes one wonder what happened in Mr. Collins’ mind to make him think that it’s journalistically suicidal to openly and honestly work with a new business owner in order to reveal information about possible previous censorship, possible political favors for PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS to eliminate perfectly factual information, and other malicious activity at that corporation.

If the parties with the most influence had been switched, would Collins think the information was worth publishing?

It's worth noting that none of the three broadcast networks covered the Friday revelations of how Twitter censored the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story on their Saturday morning shows.

And this makes one wonder if Mr. Collins might envy Taibbi for his independence, even as Collins works for a so-called “news” corporation that repeatedly has been shown to have standards so low, a diver would need to decompress after exploring their depths.

Indeed, the revelations about Twitter almost are matched by the new moves of these so-called “reporters” to reveal themselves as petty Prima Donnas.

Covering one of the most prominent areas of dispute – the move by Twitter to ban NY Post reports on the ugly contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop (reports that many Americans suspected could implicate Joe Biden in corruption and might have influenced more voters to turn away from Amtrak Joe if they had known), the Musk-Taibbi releases show us precisely what we thought might be the case.

The New American’s R. Cort Kirkwood puts it well, saying that Taibbi drills:

“…into the details about Twitter’s role in spreading disinformation about the laptop. That disinformation was the claim that the laptop was ‘Russia disinformation,’ a claim that Biden and the leftist mainstream media repeated despite knowing the truth.

When Biden’s handlers said ‘jump,’ Twitter’s trained poodles barked ‘how high?’”

And the Twitter attack dog show was not solely reserved to newspapers like the NY Post. Specific Americans were targeted to be gagged.

As Breitbart’s David Ng reports, well known conservative actor James Woods spotted his name among the Bidenista-Twitter censorship communications, seeing how the two forces conspired to suppress his ability to communicate with others.

“In an explosive interview on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, two-time Academy Award-nominated actor James Woods described the Democratic National Committee as a bunch of “rats” and “corrupt, vile vermin” and vowed to sue the DNC after evidence contained in Elon Musk’s Twitter files showed that the DNC pressured Twitter to violate the actor’s civil liberties by censoring his speech.

Addressing President Joe Biden and the DNC, Woods said: “I am not afraid of you. And I’m coming for you.”


Indeed, as Mr. Taibbi’s ninth Tweet in the thread reveals, James Woods’ name is among many whose Tweets the Biden Campaign told Twitter to handle, and Woods believes that the Tweet cited in Taibbi’s screenshot of the Twitter communication dealt with the Hunter Biden laptop.

The Twitter employ seems to note that he or she “dealt” with the Woods Tweet under the rubric of “safety.”

How nice.

Ng rounds off his piece by focusing on Mr. Woods’ justified outrage while chatting with Tucker, and this is worth reiterating:

“’The government of the United States conspired to take my free speech and throw it in the gutter,’ he said.

‘And there’s something they should fear more than anything they have ever imagined in their wildest dreams, the most dangerous man to these corrupt vile, vermin is an American who is not afraid of them. And Joe Biden, and all those rats who work with you at the DNC, to close down my speech — I am not afraid of you. And I am coming for you.’

Woods praised Musk, saying the new Twitter owner ‘very possibly has saved America.’”

That might be too praiseful, too hopeful. But the revelations are a start, and, each small revelation about leftist corruption can help win over honest, sincere people who might begin to recognize the unsavory and unscrupulous ways many collectivists treat honest, sincere people who just want to respect rights and speak freely.

Undoubtedly, the fight is not over. It’s going to continue.

As we learn more about those who would silence us in order to gain power over our lives.


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