'Twilight' Actress Whines About Target Moving 'Pride' Products

Haika Mrema | May 31, 2023
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"Twilight” star Rachelle Lefevre took to social media to whine about Target moving its pride products to the back of the store, insinuating that boycotters of the collection are “terrorists."

“I came in here two days ago and my seven-year-old who’s nonbinary, saw it and said ‘Look Mom, it’s pride look, they’re going to celebrate me,” the actress began, speaking with a quivering voice to her followers. 

But after Target received massive backlash for promoting “tuck-friendly” swimsuits while partnering with an open Satanist as part of their storefront "Pride" collection, the company instructed some locations to move the merchandise to the back of their stores to avoid customer outrage. And apparently, that is enough to make a 44-year-old mother “cry” on camera about it. 

“I can’t bring them here anymore, at least for the entire month of June, because if they walk in, and all the other people who walk in and go, ‘Where’d it go?’ [They] are going to realize that they are being successful in trying to erase them,” Lefevere continued. “We’re not supposed to negotiate with terrorists. We can do so much better than this.”

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“Congratulations, [Target], your performative allyship just went next level. And don’t anyone come back at me with ‘It was a security issue’ because this is a billion-dollar company – if they really care, they can hire extra security but instead they chose to send the message that LGBTQ+ people aren’t worth protecting or fighting for,” Lefevre captioned her Instagram post.

Imagine having entire corporations dedicate a whole month (and then some) to mass-promoting the LBGTQ agenda, only for people to cry about having to walk a few extra steps to the back of the store to find the pride merchandise they are looking for. Give me a break!

The only “performative allyship” I see is a woman seemingly crying on camera to all her followers about a month that hasn’t even begun, and a collection that is still available. If boycotters had their way, Target’s pride collection would be removed entirely. I don’t think I could bear to see the river that would come from those tears. 

Lefevre recently updated the post calling for those commenting “hateful, ignorant garbage” to unfollow her. Gladly - if I'd ever followed her in the first place.

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