Tucker Carlson Hosts Father-Daughter Duo Who Spoke Out Against Trans Woman In Locker Room

John Simmons | October 31, 2022
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Tucker Carlson interviewed the father-daughter duo who were punished for speaking out against a transgendered female (translated: male pretending to be a woman) changing in a women’s locker room with a high school volleyball team on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Travis Allen, formerly the girl’s soccer coach at Randolph Union Middle School (RUMS) in Vermont, was fired from his job for calling out Randolph High School (RHS) on social media for allowing a male student to be present with RHS’ women’s volleyball team while they were changing. Allen’s daughter, Blake, was in the room when this happened and said his presence naturally made the group of girls feel uncomfortable.

Travis said that the other teachers at RUMS predictably did nothing to support him or protest his suspension (which is a testament to how scarce teachers with common sense are in the public school system).

“None of the other employees did. Other community members have supported me though, privately,” Travis said.

Like her father, Blake was punished for saying that a man should not be allowed to change with women (a radical concept in the fluid world of gender identity we live in) and suspended by her school. But after the Allens took legal action, Blake was allowed o come back to school. 

“I was really uncomfortable, and I left, and I told the school, and they just shut me down, that there was nothing they could do,” Blake said. “I was later suspended because I voiced my opinion that a male shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room. Then when we filed the lawsuit, they dropped the suspension.”

It’s no wonder that homeschooling has become so popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The full interview is below.


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