Tucker Carlson: 'Faucism' is 'Washington's New Religion'

Nick Kangadis | October 5, 2021
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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been used by the establishment media, not only as a left-wing tool during Donald Trump’s presidency, but also during Joe Biden’s presidency as a way to quell dissent. Fauci never gets particularly scientific in the dozens of weekly media appearances he takes part in. What the left does is use his power as the preeminent doctor in the U.S. to push his unelected views on the population, and no one can question him because the social media powers-that-be play defense for both him and the establishment.

Don’t you dare say a bad thing about “Lord Fauci: Patron Saint of Wuhan,” as Fox News host Tucker Carlson referred to him in a graphic during the Monday evening edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


Carlson did a segment that examined “Washington’s new religion” and placed a magnifying glass on the media that holds water for the oft-maligned Chief Medical Advisor to the President.

The Fox News host’s premise for the segment was Fauci contradicting himself — which he does often — concerning statements he made in which he said that “it’s just too soon to tell” whether people can gather for Christmas.

Days later, Fauci seemed almost offended that people took what he said as him saying that people might not be able to spend Christmas with their families, saying his previous statements were misinterpreted.

Carlson responded to Fauci’s flip-flop by pointing out a tactic that the establishment — yes, Fauci included — use to quell the public’s disgust with specific comments they make.

“‘So when I said it’s too soon tell whether or not you can celebrate Christmas,’” Carlson said, speaking from Fauci’s perceived point of view, “‘what I really meant was, of course you can celebrate Christmas. What are you stupid?’”

“So Tony Fauci didn’t misspeak,” Carlson continued, “you’re an idiot for misunderstanding what he said.”

And that’s how the establishment views the American public — as easily led idiots that will basically do whatever they’re told because they know how to live their lives better than they do.

Carlson concluded the segment by pointing out that Fauci truly believes his own hype. How does he know that? In the video provided below, you’ll be able to see what Carlson is talking about.

“Now take a look at this still photo from Tony Fauci’s home office. Look in the back on the bookshelf. What is that right there?” Carlson said setting up the answer. “Those are Tony Fauci prayer candles prominently displayed inside Tony Fauci’s home. Oh, well at least he’s real. Fauci isn’t just the High Priest of Faucism, he’s also a true believer himself.”

For the full segment, watch below: