Tucker Carlson Breaks Down What a 2020 Democratic Win Would Mean For the U.S.

Nick Kangadis | October 9, 2019
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People love predictions. Whether it comes to sports, awards shows or political races, people like to have some kind of an idea which direction a particular area of life might go.

On Tuesday evening’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson gave his viewers a preview of what they might expect should a Democratic candidate win the 2020 presidential election.

“Thirteen months from now, one of these people could be president of the United States,” Carlson began the segment. “And if that happens, what sort of country will we have? That’s the question, really the only question that matters.”

Carlson covered a range of topics that top Democratic candidates have been very outspoken about, including the retroactive expunging of criminal records that have marijuana possession charges on them, “prison abolition,” firearm buybacks, firearm confiscation, the breakdown of the right to self-defense, free healthcare for illegal immigrants and “changing the dietary guidelines” to exclude the consumption of “red meat.”

It was a cornucopia of topics that Carlson allowed the candidates themselves to speak about using recent comments on the campaign trail and debates.

Here’s video of the segment:


Democrats will be able to add more to their respective highlight reels during next Tuesday’s CNN/New York Times Democratic presidential debate. It will be the fourth debate so far.

H/T: Daily Caller