TSA Pats Down Crying 3 Year Old

Stephen Gutowski | November 15, 2010
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If you plan on flying anytime soon make sure you prepare yourself, and your children, to be put in extremely uncomfortable situations. Case in point:

That is, of course, disturbing. However, the larger problem is really at the core of American airport security philosophy. I mean, why did this happen?

I'll give you a hint. It wasn't because the little girl was upset that they took away her teddy bear. It's because we have, thanks to political correctness, decided in this country that everybody is equally likely to be a terrorist.

We are currently blindly, and literally, groping in the dark when it comes to airport security. To the TSA this 3 year old from Houston whose father is a tv reporter is just as likely to blow up a plane as a 26 year old Muslim man from Yemen. Therefor, following that logic, we must screen everybody equally and use a random process to choose people for more rigorous screening.

This is ridiculous and its not, as many believe, the only way to successfully conduct airport security. As with many aspects of the war on terror Israel does it better than anybody. Check out this WSJ report from a while back on how they do things:

If we continue in our absurd ways how long until people in the US start emulating these racy Germans?

UPDATE: I just wanted to let everybody know that the video is apparently originally from January of 2009. However, I don't think that really changes anything I've said in this post.