Trump Wins Person Of The Year; Liberals Trot Out Hitler Comparisons

Zach Montanaro | December 7, 2016
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It was announced on Wednesday that President-elect Donald Trump won Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Award.

Following that, it took about three seconds for the Hitler comparisons to start rolling in.

In what has become the almost routine response of liberals who want to talk about someone they don’t like, some people (and even one news outlet) right away rolled out the comparisons to Hitler.



Other liberal highlights appear to include Joseph Stalin, who won both in 1939 and 1942, and Vladimir Putin, who won in 2007.

That, of course, ignores the very obvious point that the award has also been given to President Barack Obama. Twice. Obama won the very same award both in 2008 and 2012.


One person also found some humor in comparing Trump to previous winners.

Pope Francis won the award in 2013.

There’s also a clear history of presidents winning the award in years they were elected. As stated, Obama won in the years he was elected, as did President Bush (winner in 2000, and 2004), President Clinton (1992), President H. W. Bush (1990), President Reagan (1980), President Carter (1976), President Johnson (1964), and President Truman (1948).

It’s also worth noting that Hillary Clinton was in the running for the award as well. She, however, came in second place.


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