Trump Was a Democrat in ’05 – And NBC Did Nothing With His ‘Hot Mic’ Vulgarities

Craig Bannister | October 11, 2016
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Donald Trump was a Democrat in 2005 when he was hanging with NBC’s “Access Hollywood” and unknowingly making lewd “hot mic” comments about women. And, NBC did nothing at the time.

While Trump’s comments were just as offensive back then as they are today, no one at NBC leaked the comments to the press.  Of course, that year, The Donald was a registered Democrat who donated four times as much to Democrats ($21,400) as he did to Republicans ($5,250) - and to twice as many Democrat-affiliated groups (12) as Republican (6).

CNN reports that the story broke last week when an "Access Hollywood" producer “remembered” Trump’s 2005 exchange with Bush:

“On Monday, according to an NBC source, one of the entertainment newsmagazine's producers remembered Trump's 2005 taping session with former "Access" co-host Billy Bush.”

To “remember,” one has to have previously known, of course. But, nothing was done with the hot mic video of a media celebrity/high-profile millionaire/Democrat/Democrat donor’s crude, sexist comments…until now?

Did NBC have more journalistic scruples about hot mic audio back then?

What's more, as MRC Business reports, NBC continued to work with Trump for nearly a decade after his lewd comments, and appeared to even promote him as a potential presidential candidate.

But, now, in 2016, Trump’s comments are big news, though his more stalwart supporters are arguing that it’s been 11 years, and people can change. And, that’s true: Trump has repeatedly changed – parties:

  1. July 1987: Trump enrolls as a Republican,
  2. October 1999: Trump enrolls with the Independence Party,
  3. August 2001: Trump enrolls as a Democrat,
  4. September 2009: Trump becomes a Republican again,
  5. December 2011: Trump chose not to enroll in any party,
  6. April 2012: Trump returns to the Republican party

All of this begs two interesting questions:

  1. Why didn’t NBC do something with the hot mic comments in 2005?
  2. Since Trump said these sexist things as a Democrat in 2005, why doesn’t the Democrat party deserve the shame?

And, perhaps more importantly, given his track record: What happens if Trump, somehow, overcomes this scandal and becomes president - then changes his mind/party while still in office?


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