Trump Veto: Rejects Attempt to Overturn Border Security

Ferlon Webster Jr. | March 15, 2019
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On Friday, President Trump signed the first veto of his presidency dismissing Congress’ effort to stop his national emergency declaration and border wall construction. 

“As President the protection of the nation is my highest duty,” Trump said at a press conference. “Yesterday Congress passed a dangerous resolution, that if, signed into law would put countless Americans in danger—grave danger.”

Trump sat at his oval office desk surrounded by Republican officials, law enforcement, and relatives of those were killed by illegal immigrants.

“The Democrat sponsored resolution would terminate vital border security operations by revoking the national emergency issued last month. It is definitely a national emergency,” Trump said. 

As the Washington Times reports:

He was moving with striking speed, rejecting the legislation just a day after it cleared the Senate on a 59-41 vote. It had previously cleared the House 245-182.

"I was elected by a very, very great group of American people. Millions and millions of people because they want security for our country and that’s what we are going to have," Trump stated.

The President called the Democrats out for not living in the real world, saying their vote against his national emergency was “against reality.” He also thanked the Republicans who supported border security calling them courageous.

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