Trump Tweets Schiff Hot Take: 'In My Opinion He is Mentally Deranged!'

Nick Kangadis | January 30, 2020
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President Donald Trump seems to be flexing his Twitter muscles in the last couple of days, and his latest tweet is no exception.

In less than an hour, as of this writing, Trump’s new tweet has received at least 7,500 retweets and at least 29,000 likes.

So what did Trump tweet about on Thursday? Or rather, in this case, who did Trump about?

None other than everyone’s favorite impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), and the president didn’t hold back.

Take a look for yourselves:


Ouch! Trump blasted Schiff multiple times in one tweet. I don’t know about the “mentally deranged” part, but Schiff has had impeachment fever for what seems like 3,491 years now. Of course, in reality, it’s more like 3-and-a-half years, but when you get beaten over the head with it from every direction for that long, it most definitely feels like a lot longer.

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Schiff has had an axe to grind with Trump since before the man was even elected.

“This candidate [Trump] is affirmatively doing damage merely by running for office,” Schiff said at a July 2016 POLITICO event.

Oh well. Schiff’s gotta Schiff, I guess.

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