Trump Trolls Bannon, CNN at Gridiron Dinner, CNN Ignores Only That Joke

Nick Kangadis | March 5, 2018
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Is it just me, or does it seem it like when President Trump jokes about something or someone, he kind of means it? It’s like he’s actually just saying what he believes to be true, all while getting to later say, "I was just joking."

Whatever the case might be, the slams came hot and heavy from the Commander-In-Chief this past Saturday evening at the 2018 Gridiron Club dinner in Washington D.C. Presidents have traditionally agreed to speak at the dinner — which kind of employs a roast-like atmosphere of self-deprecating humor and light-hearted mockery of others. 

The Gridiron Club and Foundation is one of the most prestigious organizations for journalists in the world where membership is by invitation only.

Perhaps the biggest barb thrown by Trump at the dinner came at the expense of Trump’s former White House chief strategist and former executive chairman at Breitbart News Stever Bannon -- and, not surprisingly, CNN.

The Hill reported:

According to a White House pool report, he also took aim at former adviser Stephen Bannon, joking that CNN had lost its "very best reporter" in Bannon.
“That guy leaked more than the Titanic,” Trump said.

Now that’s funny on more than one level. Leave to one of the best internet trolls on the planet to have the temerity to slam two subjects in one joke.

CNN apparently either must have missed that joke or didn’t find it amusing in the least, because there was no mention of the Bannon joke in CNN’s report on “Trump’s top jokes from the Gridiron dinner.”

CNN covered more of Trump’s jokes than both The Hill and Breitbart, but somehow conveniently left out the joke that concerned them.

Other targets of Trump’s stand-up routine included the First Lady Melania Trump, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), son-in-law Jared Kushner, departures from the his White House staff and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, among others.

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