Trump Touts Dan Crenshaw's Timeline of COVID Events Following Rep's Takedown of Bill Maher

Nick Kangadis | April 20, 2020
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Someone help Bill Maher! He needs his audience back so they can cover for him when a guest absolutely shreds his questions. To be fair, Maher was most gracious in defeat after Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) decimated the "Real Time with Bill Maher" host over the weekend. But, that didn't stop President Donald Trump from using a separate Crenshaw video of many of the same points he used in his Maher appearance which Trump then tweeted out Sunday night.

Crenshaw posted a thread of videos to Twitter ahead of his interview with Maher last Friday. Had Maher done his homework ahead of time, he would've seen that his timeline approach to the interview wasn't going to work with Crenshaw.

Fast forward to Sunday night, Trump posted a supercut of the Crenshaw timeline thread that thoroughly examined and debunked "the LEFT'S COVID-19 NARRATIVE":

Crenshaw made a good point towards the end of the video, that a lot of Americans might need to heed should we want to return to some state of normalcy in the near future - it's going to take working together to restore what we had, at least to a degree.

The congressman said the following, despite the left's insistence that it's the right's fault for every ill in the world:

Listen, I don't want to blame Democrats for this at all. I don't think we should. I don't think there's a lot of people to blame for this. Except for China, of course. It would be time for all of us to give each other a little bit of grace, and understand that at the local, state and federal level, everybody is doing their best to fight the pandemic. And we're going to need to stop the dishonest finger pointing as we move into the next phase, where we figure out how to reopen our economy, and fight the pandemic alongside that.

That's one way to take the high road, and not of the virtue signaling variety.

Crenshaw wasn't able to go into all the detail with Maher that he did in the video above, but he the representative from Texas did have a substantive answer for every question Maher had and point he tried to convey in order to make Trump look bad.

For the full Crenshaw interview with Maher, watch below: