Trump Supporters Show Up To Protest ‘Impeachment March’

Eric Scheiner | July 3, 2017
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Supporters and detractors of Donald Trump lined up along the streets of the Palm Beach Coast to the gates of Mar-a-Lago, as supporters of the president countered the “Impeachment March” Sunday.

WPEC-TV video shows “Make America Great Again” signs along with “Impeach Trump” lining the streets in Florida.

“We got - it looks like 50 -75 people here supporting Trump. Ten people for every one person here against Trump,” One activist told WPEC.

"I think our president is an embarrassment. More than that, I think he's dangerous with his ties to Russia it compromises him,” said protester Dave King.

The ‘Impeachment March’ was one of several such events happening in at least three other major cities.

For more on this story from WPEC, click here.


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