Trump Supporter Says She Was Hospitalized After Being Attacked By BLM Activists During D.C. Women's March

Brittany M. Hughes | October 19, 2020
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A female Trump supporter says she found herself in a hospital bed after being attacked by Black Lives Matter supporters while she was standing on the steps of the Supreme Court holding a pro-Trump flag during last weekend’s Women’s March, which drew thousands to the streets of Washington, D.C.

Isabella Maria DeLuca, Turning Point USA ambassador according to her Twitter bio, shared a photo of her appearing to be in a hospital bed in a neck brace sporting a swollen mouth and bruised face, along with the caption, “The aftermath of supporting @realDonaldTrump at the Women’s March today!”

Footage from earlier at the event shows DeLuca waving a Trump flag and shouting “four more years!” in front of the Supreme Court while wearing the same outfit she’s wearing in the photo later taken at the hospital.

DeLuca says that as she was showing her support for the president,  she was later jumped by two women, one wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. One woman tried to grab her flag while another, who DeLuca said was an older woman, began hitting and trying to choke her. The incident landed her in the hospital with fae and neck injuries, blurry vision and dizziness, she said.