Trump Star Destroyer Praises Himself, Says Celebs Called to Thank Him

Nick Kangadis | July 27, 2018
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Don’t do drugs, kids. That’s the only opener I can come up with that accurately describes an interview TMZ did on Thursday with the guy who destroyed President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Vandalist Austin Clay and his “enlightened” girlfriend talked to TMZ to basically praise his actions. Clay has no remorse and feels justified in damaging public property in order to support the false narrative of Trump separating illegal immigrant children from their families.

“I just felt really passionate because of what happened with the immigrants and him [Trump] stripping children away from their parents,” Clay told TMZ. “And that just sort of set me off.”

I’m sorry. Since when does that justify causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to a public sidewalk, or anything else for that matter?

Clay continued by telling TMZ that members of the Hollywood Communistic Cult reached out to congratulate him for carrying out a violent act against a representation of the president.

“[Actor] Robert De Niro left me a voice message,” Clay said. “He wanted to say...he wanted to give me a high-five. Chelsea Chandler…Chelsea Handler, Mark Hamill.”

Clay’s out-of-it girlfriend said that Handler wondered if Clay was single, which he’s not. Sorry, ladies!

So, the usual suspects from unhinged Hollywood cult congratulated a dude that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Good for you. What a hero!

Here’s the video:


Clay also indicated that Trump supporters are brainless and don’t have hearts.

“I think Donald Trump represents everything that everybody with half a brain and half a heart in this country resents,” Clay told TMZ.

Should this guy really be a judge on intelligence? I guess that’s just how beta-males do their thing.

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