Trump Slams Media at FL Rally: Without the Press, Hillary Would Be 'Nothing - Zero'


(Image via Twitter)

Donald Trump began his remarks at a campaign rally in Ocala, Fla., on Wednesday by criticizing the media for being biased against him.

He demanded members of the press “turn their cameras around” to show viewers at home the turnout at his event.

“The media is simply the extension of the Clinton campaign,” said Trump. 

The Republican presidential candidate added that the “corporate media” are part of “the establishment,” in favor of his Democratic opponent.

Trump has vowed to continue campaigning despite fallout with Republican Party members following his 2005 "hot mic" scandal.

He continues to criticize the media for covering his scandal and ignoring his rival’s emails.

“This Wikileaks stuff is unbelieveable," said Trump at the rally. 

"They’re not putting it out," he said, referring to the media. "They want to put it out, but they can’t do that. Because without the media -- without the press -- Hillary Clinton would be nothing. Zero."

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