Trump Rips Biden For Border Crisis: ‘Our Country Is Being Destroyed’

Eric Scheiner | March 10, 2021
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“Our country is being destroyed at the southern border, a terrible thing to see!” Former President Donald Trump said in a recent statement addressing the border crisis.

Trump pointed to his border policy as president, saying that under his watch the border was "stronger, safer and more secure than ever before."


With reports that U.S. border agents detained nearly 100,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in February alone, and hundreds more making the trek to the southern border the situation, the illegal immigration issue is hitting a crisis point.

On a Wednesday appearance on Fox & Friends, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) says the multiple migrant caravans coming to the U.S. is an issue the Biden administration is not addressing to purposely push their agenda.

“This is a completely solvable problem. You have to actually want those cooperation agreements with our partners, which is Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador,  - they want to work with us. But the Biden administration doesn't want to,” Crenshaw said.

“They have a plan in place. They've already released it. And it does involve giving illegal immigrants citizenship and voting rights. Why? Because they want them to vote for them. I mean, that's a cynical proposition, but I don't know how else to interpret it. I think it's true.”

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Crenshaw says only about 10 percent of people claiming asylum at the border meet the legal standard to qualify for it.

“Go to the local consulate, go to the local embassy, wait here in Mexico, we will adjudicate your claim. But you can't just come in here, get a bus ticket anywhere and then not show up for your deportation hearing when it's shown that your asylum claim isn't valid. That's unfair  - and you know who it’s unfair to - legal immigrants, for one. It's also unfair to millions of people around the world who can't just walk across the border, who have truly valid asylum claims. We're clogging up our system for people who really need it. And it's just not fair. It’s not moral.”