Trump Reaches Deal With Mexico on Migration Crisis, The Media Fumes

Eric Schaffer | June 10, 2019
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President Trump is once again at war with the media after reaching a deal with Mexico, a compromise the country made to avoid tariffs which everyone on the left opposed. Instead of receiving praise, the president is receiving heaping amounts of criticism.

In a New York Times article which President Trump has since attacked as a “FRAUD” and a “hit job,” it was asserted that Mexico’s new agreement involving deploying their national guard to stem the border crisis had already been pledged in March. 

The buried lede? Mexico also agreed to hasten their previous arrangements, such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, and, according to the very same NYT article, pledged 6,000 troops to address the crisis, a number greater than Mexico’s previous proposal.

Now, is this some grand, all-encompassing victory that will end the border crisis once and for all? Of course not. But, assuming the deal pulls through, it is indeed progress.

Despite this, it seems the media can’t give Trump any sort of credit here, with various NBC correspondents downplaying the deal, despite some themselves admitting that the Mexican government was dragging its feet on previously reached agreements. 

According to Kristen Welker at NBC regarding Mexico’s troop movement:

... something [Mexico] had promised a long time ago. But the U.S. said this week you need to get it done more quickly. They were sort of slow walking that. 

There have been concerns posed by some that Mexico will, again, drag their feet on the new agreement. President Trump seems to share these sentiments. The 45th President threatened Sunday that if Mexico fails to uphold their side of the agreement again, tariffs will be on the table once more.

Only time will tell if the president is forced to get into yet another standoff on the issue of immigration, but one thing is for sure: No matter what he tries, the media will do everything they can to avoid giving credit where credit is due so long as Trump is in the story.

(Cover Photo: Flickr / Gage Skidmore)
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