Trump to N.C. GOP Crowd: 'I am Not the One Trying to Undermine American Democracy...I’m the One That's Trying to Save It'

Nick Kangadis | June 7, 2021
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For the first time since February, former President Donald Trump made a public address at the North Carolina GOP State Conference. Trump spoke about multiple topics on Saturday, including Big Tech companies censoring him and Americans who might have a differing opinion than those running the social media companies as well as the establishment.

“They’re shutting down an entire group of people, not just me,” Trump said. “They’re shutting down the voice of a tremendously powerful — in my opinion, a much more powerful and a much larger group.”

That’s when Trump spoke about the current establishment, including President Joe Biden’s regime, saying “they want to silence you.”

And with all of the things currently going on, especially the prosecutorial misconduct that’s going on at a level like nobody’s seen for many, many years. That’s all that’s happening, and that’s what they’re doing. They want to silence you. They want to silence your voice. Remember, I am not the one trying to undermine American democracy. I’m the one that’s trying to save it. Please remember that.

Trump’s speech went for about an hour-and-a-half, with the former president receiving a standing ovation both when he was introduced and when his speech concluded.

For Trump’s comments, watch below (Note: For full speech, start video from the beginning):

H/T: Newsweek