Trump: Media & Dems ‘Dragging Us Backward’

Eric Scheiner | July 11, 2021
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Chants of "USA" broke out from the crowd as Donald Trump walked onto the CPAC stage in Dallas Sunday. 

After winning the event’s GOP presidential nomination straw poll, Trump delivered a long address criticizing Big Tech censorship, Joe Biden’s border crisis, the teaching of Critical Race Theory and the biased media.

"We will completely defund and bar Critical Race Theory. 1776, not 1619, if you don't mind. And if government run schools are going to teach children to hate their country, we will demand school choice and we already have.

If you listen to the media or watch the evening newscasts, our country has really gone bad. All we talk about is race. That's all they talk about- race, the whole show, race, race. We don't talk about our country being great anymore. We don't talk about how America can lead the world. We don't talk about stopping crime or the hundreds and hundreds of people that are being shot in Democrat run cities and what to do about it. We don't talk about ending the drugs pouring across our borders, which I had greatly reduced with our wall and so many other things that we're doing and most importantly, we never talk about the great future of our country, we don't talk about any of this stuff anymore," Trump said.

"The Democrat-controlled media talks race, race, race for political reasons, and they always have, but never like this. But it's hurting our country and more than anyone else, our great minority communities, it's hurting them very badly. The Democrat obsession with race is only dragging us backward into the past, and it is bringing our country down to a point where even China and Russia are lecturing us on human rights - race, and they're doing it in a very humiliating fashion. This never happened. Never happened with me. During my administration, our country was respected again, it is no longer respected.

In conclusion, our party and our movement. We were all united by the same shared American values and by unyielding resolve to defend our beloved nation for citizens of every race, religion, color and creed, we take great pride in our country and we teach the truth about our history. We celebrate our rich heritage and national traditions. We honor George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and all of our national heroes. And of course, we always respect our great American flag.

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