Trump: ‘I Don’t Condone Violence,’ ‘Never’ Offered to Pay Legal Fees - But...

Monica Sanchez | March 15, 2016
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(Image via Twitter)

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump claimed that he "never" offered to pay the legal fees of his supporter charged with assaulting a protester at a campaign rally in Fayettville, N.C. last week.

He conceded that paying the legal fees would "maybe" reward or encourage violence, but said he's still deciding on what to do about the situation.

STEPHANOPOULOUS: “You said in your rallies yesterday you’re a peace-loving person, but you’re still open to paying the legal fees of your supporter who cold-cocked a protester last week. By paying those fees, wouldn’t you be rewarding and encouraging violence?

TRUMP: “No, because I don’t condone violence and I didn’t say I was going to pay –"

STEPHANOPOULOUS: “So you’re not going to?

TRUMP: “No. I didn’t say that. I haven’t looked at it yet. And nobody’s asked me to pay for fees. And somebody asked me a question and I hadn’t even seen [the video] so I never said I was gonna pay for fees…

STEPHANOPOULOUS: “No, no. You said you were looking into it. I’m saying, if you’re open to that, wouldn’t by paying those fees, wouldn’t that be rewarding violence?

TRUMP: “Well, maybe so. And maybe that’s why I wouldn’t do it. I don’t condone violence at all. You know, I looked and I watched and I’m gonna make a decision… And maybe you’re right, and maybe that’s why I wouldn’t do it.”

Listen to the interview below.