Trump Follows Fox, Drudge - and ‘TRUMP’ - on Twitter

Craig Bannister | January 27, 2017
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Donald Trump has more than 22 million followers on Twitter, but the president personally follows only a select few Twitter users – and those are dominated by two overriding themes.

More than half (22) of those Trump (@realDonaldTrump) follows on Twitter have one thing in common: “Trump.”

Sixteen actually have the word “Trump” in their Twitter handle (Trump Golf, Trump Waikiki, Ivanka Trump, etc.). Six others either work for (Ex.: V.P. Mike Pence), or worked for, him (during the campaign).

And, despite his contentious relationship with the media, this group comes in a close second in Trump’s Twitter feed. The president follows 18 accounts of media professionals and organizations.

Fox News dominates the media list, accounting for half of those Trump follows on Twitter, thanks to personalities like Sean Hannity and shows like “Fox and Friends.” is one of only two websites Trump follows on Twitter. The other is The Drudge Report, which many Fox News and other political talk show hosts look to each day for their topics.

And, when it comes to sports figures on Twitter, Trump keeps tabs on just a curious two: 81 year-old South African retired professional golf legend Gary Player - and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon.

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