Trump Fires Back at Jussie Smollett: 'What About the Tens of Millions of People You Insulted?'


President Trump came out swinging against Jussie Smollett Thursday after the disgraced “Empire” actor turned himself into Chicago police and was charged with filing a false police report over his now-debunked “hate crime” allegations.

Smollett had originally told police he was assaulted by two MAGA hat-wearing white guys in the middle of the night on January 29, alleging the men poured an “unknown chemical substance” on him and draped a rope around his neck while yelling, “This is MAGA country!”

Now, Chicago PD say Smollett staged the entire attack himself and even paid two Nigerian brothers $3,500 to fake the incident, allegedly because he was unhappy with his salary on “Empire.”

Trump tweeted Thursday that Smollett had insulted “tens of millions of Americans” with his “racist and dangerous comments” against people who voted for the president or, even worse, wear the president’s trademark MAGA hats.

He's got a point. The MAGA hat has definitely made people targets, even before Smollett used his fake attack to paint them all as potential lynchers-in-waiting. In a recent story that didn’t get even a fraction of the news attention that Smollett’s hoax drew, a man named James Phillips was arrested last Saturday after pulling a gun on a man and his wife for wearing MAGA hats in a Kentucky Sam’s Club while telling them, “It’s a good day for you to die.”

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