Trump Expertly Trolls 'Mini Mike' Bloomberg on Twitter Following Candidate's Exit

Nick Kangadis | March 5, 2020
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Folks, there’s really not much I need to say about this next one. President Donald Trump might be the best troll on Twitter after you factor in his reach.

On Wednesday, failed Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg tweeted a “Star Wars” response to Trump’s tweet talking smack about Bloomberg announcing he was leaving the race.

Take a look:

I’m not exactly sure what Bloomberg means by that. The man is 78-years-old, so if he means he’ll back running for president again in 2024, that would put Bloomberg at 82 years of age at that time.

Without fail, Trump responded in typical Trump-trolling fashion. The 73-year-old president posted a GIF from the Mel Brooks “Star Wars” spoof film “Spaceballs” with his head on the hero’s body and Bloomberg’s head on the villain’s body.

It’s too funny. Check it out:

Game. Set. Match.