Trump Ends Family Separation Policy By Offering to Detain Kids WITH Parents - Liberals Freak Out

Brittany M. Hughes | June 20, 2018
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President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ending the widely unpopular practice of separating illegal alien children from their parents being detained along the border.

The executive order – which is about like putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound – ends that policy by allowing children to be kept with their parents in detention at the border until their cases are adjudicated. So, instead of moving children to a safe shelter filled with amenities like TVs, video games and proms, the left has succeeded in securing little kids a big fat stint in the immigration pokey right alongside their moms and dads.

And naturally, this fix to the separation issue didn’t sit well with liberals, who’ll stop at nothing short of an open-border policy.

Lefty groups like the ACLU are already threatening to “fight” Trump’s executive order, while others say they're gearing up to sue -- i.e., exactly what they did during the Obama years, which is what got us the whole can't-detain-kids policy in the first place.

We've literally come full circle.

Take kids from their detained illegal alien parents? You're literally Hitler.

Detain children with their illegal alien parents? You're literally Hitler. 

If any further proof was needed, this is surely it: the left wants open borders. Open borders that encourage drug smuggling, human trafficking, sex slavery, kidnapping, gang infestations, welfare crises and crimes.

The left. Wants. Open. Borders.

And nothing short of that will satisfy.