Trump Donors Speak Out: Joaquin Castro's Tweet Was 'Really Pitiful'

Eric Schaffer | August 8, 2019
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After Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Tex.), brother and campaign chairman of Julián Castro, revealed the names of 44 maximum Trump donors in the city of San Antonio on Monday, it soon came out that some of those donors had also donated to, you guessed it, Julián and Joaquin.

As the great philosopher Michael Scott once said, “Well, well, well. How the turn tables.”

But, sadly for the Castros, that’s not the end of the story. You see, some of those outed by Rep. Castro weren’t supremely pleased with the attempt of public shaming made on them. As a result, several of the 44 Trump donors have started speaking to media outlets to express their outrage.

One such individual was Wayne Harwell, the owner of a local real estate company who, you guessed it, donated $1,000 to Castro’s Congressional campaign. “I was also on a list of people that gave to Castro, and if he dislikes me enough that he wants to put my name out there against Trump, I’m not going to give money to him,” Harwell said in a statement to Fox News. “Obviously, Castro feels pretty strongly against me.”

“If he wants to play in Washington, he needs to move to Washington. If he wants to play in San Antonio, he needs to at least be sensitive,” Harwell continued. “The rest of the community is sensitive. We’re sensitive to both Republican and Democrat views. A lot of us here in San Antonio are independents.”

On top of Harwell, two retirees shown on the list, speaking with the Daily Caller under the condition of anonymity, also expressed displeasure with Castro’s tweet.

“I’m a naturalized citizen, I love the United States of America, I think our president is doing an amazing job. He’s not a racist, I’m not a racist, and for them to be totally trying to be brainwash people, I think it’s just garbage,” one of the women said to the Caller. “I think it’s just going to backfire on them, really.”

“I think it’s really pitiful, it shows what he is or what he believes in and what he does, so it’s really disappointing,” the second woman said. “I’ve had several phone calls this morning and people who have not donated to Trump, have said they’re going to. This has made them decide. It’s backfiring.”

The second retiree also, according to the Daily Caller, said that she wanted Castro to finally apologize and delete the now-infamous tweet.

Considering Castro continues to defend his actions, the latter is unlikely.

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