Trump on Dems Relief Bill: 'What Does This Have to do With the Coronavirus?'

Nick Kangadis | August 10, 2020
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Before signing multiple executive orders geared to help Americans deal with some of the financial distress caused by the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic at a press conference on Saturday, President Donald Trump broke down the Democrats proposed relief bill that included items that have nothing to do with helping people deal with the hardships brought on by the virus.

“The Democrat bill includes stimulus checks for illegal aliens,” Trump said on Saturday. “They require the mass release of illegal aliens from detention. They also compel the mass release of inmates, including serious felons.”

The president went on to ask what any of what the Democrats are proposing has to do with helping American citizens navigate the economy while the pandemic continues.

“How do you like that one?” Trump continued. “And this is in the bill that we’re talking about. What does this have to do with the stimulus? The economy? What does this have to do with the coronavirus? You know that name. What does this have to do with this?”

For Trump’s full comments on the Democrats relief bill, watch below:


Trump speaking about the Democrats wanting to have a “mass release of inmates, including serious inmates” brings to mind a story that was reported on last week in which a rape suspect that was released from detention because of COVID-19 concerns killed his accuser, according to police in Alexandria, Va.

According to WUSA, police have confirmed that 33-year-old Ibrahm Bouaichi died after he shot himself before being caught by authorities who were searching for the suspect.

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