Trump Calls His Rallies 'The Safest Places to Be Anywhere in the Country’

Monica Sanchez | April 20, 2016

(Image via Screenshot)

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump held a rally in Indianapolis, Ind. on Wednesday, ahead of the Hoosier State’s fast-approaching primary next week.

After ordering a group of protesters out of the building, Trump touched on how his rallies are “the safest places to be anywhere in the country."

“We have the safest rallies and probably one of the safest places to be anywhere in the country,” said Trump.

“Safety here is incredible,” he added.

Watch the rally live below.

Indiana voters take to the polls May 3. A total of 57 delegates are at stake.

Trump has high hopes for the winner-take-all state after grossing at least 89 of New York’s 95 delegates on Tuesday.