Trump And Pence's First 2020 Challengers Are a Rapper and a Porn Star


Speculation over who would run against Donald Trump and Mike Pence in 2020 started almost immediately after the 2016 election, but now we have a look at the first challengers stepping to the plate -- and it's not who you may have expected. 

Rapper Coolio (known for the track "Gangsta's Paradise") and adult film actress Cherie DeVille came forward in a very awkward YouTube video where they announced their candidacy back in August, but it really only gained traction recently when media sources started picking up the story.

DeVille will be running for the presidential seat with Coolio as her running mate. Which is arguably a sentence that nobody ever thought they would write. 

According to The Hill, DeVille plans on running as a Democrat on a platform that includes healthcare for all. In an interview with KESQ, Deville told reporter Joe Galli:

“I have worked in hospitals, I have worked in nursing homes, and I have worked in outpatient clinics and there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a family that can not get the health care they want or need because of money,”

She also talked about a few other hot-button issues during her interview including education. Deville also said:

“Because college is so important to getting an entry level job in the United States I think it should be like high school. I think we should provide at least some higher level educational institutions for free,”

Coolio, on the other hand, plugged a line about putting normal people in the Oval Office.

"Somebody got to do something man, somebody got to try. We need normal people, we need normal regular everyday people in office," Coolio said, while probably forgetting who he was.

"There truly is a Deep State," he added. "And I think there is a Deep Deep State and nothing is what it seems." 

The pair join several other celebrities who've had their names thrown into the ring for candidacy, from the Rock to Oprah to even Mark Cuban. It seems that at a time where Donald Trump is the president, many celebrities and wealthy figures don't see the presidency as a pipe dream anymore.

DeVille has not yet filed with the FEC to set up a fundraising platform for her campaign. 

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